Have I ever mentioned that I have the best friends ever?

I don’t get out much – even without cancer, the demands of work and home keep me pretty well-grounded.  With cancer, I’d given up on attending  yearly “work-ation” at the photographer industry’s trade show coming this March.  The costs associated and the timing put it out of grasp.  I was bummed.

But then….

I was talking about being sad about not going to WPPI this year, and then this happened:   My friends and family pulled together cash for my flight, my friend Cate is putting me in, Floricolor gave me a pass, and I only have to cover a few meals. Oncologist will be on board :)  I’m persuasive like that.

So – If you’re going to WPPI – say Hi – I’ll be the bald babe grinning from ear to ear!