I’m getting so tired of hearing myself whine and complain.Chemoday

Grouchy is not my standard operating mode ((no, seriously!)) and for whatever reason, Chemo Day is always a good day.  What an odd thing to look forward to, but I do… maybe because it represents another step toward knocking this shit out of my body or maybe because physically I feel good or I look forward to the cocktail that always follows chemotherapy?  Who cares?!  The ‘why’ matters not, I like chemo day… that matters!

Feeling goofy.

Christie and I roll into the cancer center giving everyone a moment of pause and a smile.  Batman summons my strength and Batman’s sidekick, kung-fu chemodrinksmonkey/hamster helps me kick the shit out Fat Bastard. Evicted. Go. Be gone!

Could you stand any more positive vibes happening in this post?

Well.  Yer gonna haveto as it seems that Fat Bastard isn’t so fat anymore! Measurements show that he’s shrunk down to 1.5cm by 1.5cm!  BOOM! If I’m doing my math right, that’s a 40% decrease in size since my last treatment 2 weeks ago.


I might be a little excited over that news?  Maybe. There’s a pesky little UTI happening at the moment but my other lab work shows my kidneys and liver are functioning within the ‘normal’ range however my blood count is a touch off but if my oncologist isn’t overly concerned then neither am I, it’s just something that we’ll have to keep an eye on as I progress through treatment.

Today was the 3rd of 4 ‘big bombs’ then we switch over to smaller, but more frequent chemo bombs, and as I understand it – we’ll see my blood counts level off shortly after the switch.

I have more to share, but I’m sans camera so it’ll have to wait. Still positive.  Fulla energy today – it’ll be gone tomorrow but I’ll take what I can get today.

Peace out,


PS – You might get a giggle out of this vid, taken on the drive over to the cancer center.  Please note who is driving.  Christie’s driving is scarier than chemo.  Just sayin.