As I was getting ready this morning for chemo round 2 I noticed a bit more hair had shed and I allowed myself nanosecond of sadness before I made up my mind and shifted my energy from sad to glad.

Every day I wake up with hair is a gift – even better than that – every day that I wake up feeling good is a gift. Every night I am able sleep a good sleep is a gift. Every kiss and hug and ounce of love I receive from my family and my friends – each are gifts that I cherish.

It’s a good day for chemo.


Just out of a quick visit with my medical oncologist who reviewed my blood work results and measured “Fat Bastard”. Labs showed that my blood counts are good and my ‘filtration system’ is operating normally. Awesome news!

Even awesome’r than that is the fact that ‘Fat Bastard’ has lost some weight. Prior to chemo round one the cocksucker measured at 3.5cm by 2.5cm. He is now….







wait for it……












awwww fuckit.  2cm by 2cm.  OH HELL YEAH!

Happier than a pig in shit,