I’m back-posting this because I think it’s got some important and relevant content.  I posted these words on Facebook 5 days before I received my diagnosis.  I didn’t post with the intent of gathering pity or support, but I felt that if I didn’t get it out there I would explode.


You can’t just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. When the universe says ‘wake the fuck up’ you listen.

I’m awake!

I am now.

I wish I had been a year ago, two years ago when the universe was whispering because maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be having the universe screaming at me now.

Two weeks ago I found a lump in my left breast. 48 hours ago it was discovered that I have a solid mass in my left breast. In 24 hours I will have a small incision made in my breast and a core biopsy will be done to test for cancer cells. Two hours ago I was informed that regardless of biopsy results it will be recommended that the lump be removed. However, due to the size and location of the lump, a lumpectomy is probably not the cards for me. ((second opinion pending))

It’s just a boob.

Wait. Hold up. That’s MY boob. Dammit. MY boob that nursed all three of my babies not just for sustenance but for comfort. MY boob. The left to my right, without the left how will I have cleavage? Shit. It’s just a boob. A boob doesn’t define me. One less boob won’t make me less of a person, or less of a woman. Or will it?

I write this not for sympathy ((if I catch a single person giving me a ‘Poor Petra’ face I’ll probably unload some pent-up aggression))

I write this not for attention. Don’t need it, get plenty already.


I write this to urge all of you – to pause every so often and pay the respect your body deserves and listen to it. Truly listen to it. No amount of work or even the plotting of world domination should come before your health.

Listen to the universe whisper. Pay respect to your body.

That is all.