Give me a moment to backtrack to yesterday.  A former client, now good friend drove me to the hospital for the procedure that put my chemo port in place.  It was so great to catch up because she’s really one of my absolute favorite people on this earth.  I’m glad to have had that moment to catch up… and seriously, the medication they use during port placement – HOOK ME UP YO! I mean, this was GOOD SHIT.  I’ve not felt more relaxed in – well – everrrrrr and when they were done with the procedure I was like – well, did you do anything cuz I didn’t feel it.  The ride home is a bit of a blur, so Dawn, if you’re reading this – if I mooned you – I’m sorry ((or maybe I’m not))  I fell into bed and napped for 2 hours.


TODAY ((insert dramatic music segue))

I woke up pretty early and pretty damn sore.  Holy holy – a catheter is placed through the jugular through an access hole just at the collar bone and the muscles in my neck reacted as though I was in a major trauma, so bad that I couldn’t even notice if I was sore at the actual port area.  good/bad? bad/good?  meh – who knows.


We arrived on time, scoped out the snack bar and got out our gear.  That stunning beauty in the Elmo Fudd hat is Christine aka work wife aka former studio-mate aka part of the ‘kidney club’.  Christine has had the misfortune of attending each of my oncologist appointments and now for my first chemo.

I feel the need to share a little story here:  When I first found my lump Christine was one of the first people I told.  We were outside enjoying the awesome weather and I told her “Christine, I found a lump in my breast.”  to which she replied “Can I feel it?”  and of course I replied with “Well, yeah.”  and so she did.  MOST of my friends have not wanted to feel me up but Christie is special.  My brave and daring friend just completed the courses necessary to become an EMT ((aced the courses)) and will soon be starting the courses necessary to ‘level up’ to paramedic and eventually become a fire fighter – so in learning about the body she had a clinical curiosity ((and she performed the exam quite professionally, even had the cold hands))  If my house were on fire, Christie is the one I’d want in charge of dousing the flames.  This girl’s got my back in every way possible.  How could I say no when she wanted to cop a feel?


Three gifts:  The gift of healing ((chemo)), brave and strong socks from a friend who has also traveled down the cancerous path and rocked it, and my official fighting cancer shirt from another member of the kidney club.

Kidney club:  Friends that I would gladly donate an organ to should they ever be in need.  It’s a pretty exclusive club, yo.


Me and my rockin oncologist.  He may look sweet and professional but he said “shit” during our last consult.  That one word made me love him.

… so.. in wrapping up… cuz I have work to do!  ((taking advantage of the fact that I feel good and normal at the moment))

– kickin ass and takin names