Long time no blog.  Life is busy with home and work and treatment days and days scheduled to ‘convalesce’.

This second medication has come with a set of new side effects and a lot of the same side effects that I had with the first medication have reared their ugly heads.  I’m still extremely fortunate that I don’t have to battle with the nausea that often plagues someone in chemo, instead of nausea I get heartburn unless I don’t eat small and frequent meals – but seriously – I can handle that little bit of nausea and heartburn is a tiny nuisance in comparison.  The upside ((and I say this sarcastically)) is the weight gain.  Between the  foods I want to eat to keep nausea at bay ((no ass shakes, lemme tell ya)) and the amount that I’m sleeping I’ve put on a pound or twenty.  Nineteen to be exact.  Seven from Friday morning to this morning.  ((wtf?))  I think I’m having a food baby :-/ who gains seven pounds over a weekend?

Tumor appears to be gone – excellent news.  I’m thrilled to bits with that part and oh!  My hair has been growing back!  Along with my eyebrows and lashes and leg hair and armpit hair ((weeeeee – I’m so not complaining))

ChemoDay 2of12

Christie still comes with me every week.  Bless her heart, she’s been such an amazing friend through all of this and so gracious to give up her very rare days of free time to keep me company and entertained. I appreciate her more than I can express. :)

After today’s infusion I only have 5 more treatments – I’ll wrap up all chemo on June 3rd.  I’m excited but know that the next 6 weeks will be a real bitch, the worst yet-I’m sure. I’ve been fortunate that the peripheral neuropathy that I feared hasn’t come and it’s very likely that because it hasn’t been a side effect it yet it most likely won’t be a side effect.  YEAH!  

But – there’s always gotta be a but, right?

But, I’ve been experiencing an increasing amount of bone pain.  It’s the weirdest thing ever and so hard to describe because it’s not anything I’ve ever experienced before so it’s hard to articulate what it feels like exactly other than a deep, sharp, radiating pain that comes at random throughout the day and is nearly constant at night.  Between the hot flashes that come from chemo-induced menopause and the bone pain, sleeping has become a difficult task without chemical intervention.  I love me some chemical intervention :)

Fatigue is an on-going issue as well but one I can schedule around.

Six more weeks. Only six. ((if I had the energy for a giant girly squeal I’d squeal but I don’t have the energy to spare)) I’m fairly certain I’ll sleep most of the month of May but I don’t care because I’m almost done with what is probably the most difficult bit of this whole cancer thing.



It will simultaneously drag-on and fly by as the last 4+ months have.

Happy, tired, sore.  Going to sleep.