The beginning of this journal any way.

I’m not horribly certain where to start with this thing… so I’ll go back…


30 days ago I found a lump in my left breast.  I actually found it in my sleep.  It was one of the few nights that my mister was not snoring like a bear and I was really enjoying my sleep.  Semi-concious, languishing really – snuggling in and getting comfy, I laid my right hand across my chest and was immediately awake.  Eyes wide open, heart-pounding,  kind of awake.  What I felt under my palm was *not* supposed to be there – and yet it was.  It took me a day to wrap my head around what I felt and I put it away for a couple of days to have my last ‘weekend of normal’

I named my left breast ‘Lumpy’

21 days ago I had my first mammogram and sonogram.  I named my tumor ‘Fatty B. Nign’ – things are less scary when they have a name.

20 days ago I had my first surgical consult.  It was here that I learned that benign or malignant it would be recommended that the tumor be removed and due to the size and location of the tumor a lumpectomy was not on the table.

19 days ago I had a core biopsy.

15 days ago I learned that I have cancer.


ER/PR positive.  This means my cancer is fed by estrogen and progesterone.  This is good.  This means a fourth course of treatment to block the ‘receptors’ will be added and will help prevent recurrence.  Ki67 at 14% and intermediate infiltrating means that it’s a relatively slow growing cancer.

MRI indicates healthy lymph nodes.  Two more ‘suspicious masses’ that require biopsies.  Chemo to start within the next two weeks’ish.  Lots to do before.  Surgery to install the ‘port’, bloodwork, echocardiograms and more biopsies, oh my!


This has been a crash course in breast cancer.  So much information.  My head is swimming with information overload and I feel like I just hopped onto a roller-coaster that won’t stop for a year.