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I'm Petra. 44 year old mom to three. I'm not married, but my mister and I have been together for ten years. I'm a photographer and co-founder of a business blog for other photographers in my genre. Today, as I'm writing this 'about me' introduction page, I'm on day 14 since my cancer diagnosis. I'm determined to not let my cancer define me, but damn - it's kind of taken over my life. I intend to blog as frequently or infrequently as I choose. I intend to rant, rave, stomp my feet and maybe pout if I want to. I intend to fight the good fight and I may even say a few insightful things when and if the urge strikes. I over-use eclipses....and I'm a bit of a potty mouth and I'm on a mission to beat this fucking cancer and redefine how I see my own beauty and femininity - with or without breasts. Welcome to my bloggity-blog.

Day 66 – I kick ass, apparently.

By |January 15th, 2015|

I received this in the mail today from an anonymous sender. Thank you, anonymous sender, you made me smile. […]

Day 53 – Second round of chemo

By |January 2nd, 2015|

As I was getting ready this morning for chemo round 2 I noticed a bit more hair had shed and I allowed myself nanosecond of sadness before I made up my mind and shifted my energy from sad to glad.

Every day I wake up with hair is a gift – even better than that – every day that I wake up feeling good is a gift. Every night I am able sleep a good sleep is a gift. Every kiss and hug and ounce of love I receive from my family and my friends – each are gifts that I cherish. […]

Day 45 – Random holiday food coma musings

By |December 25th, 2014|

Straddling a serious food coma and a major onset of contentedness I feel myself on the verge of mushy.  There’s nothing like a mild case of breast cancer to make a person stop and take stock of their blessings.



—– and this this happened—–


That’s the grandest grandson ever.  Thing 1 version 2 has the ability […]

Day 43 – I’ve got a case of the fuckits

By |December 23rd, 2014|

Not a bad kind of fuckit but more of a lackadaisical lost a little give-a-shit kinda fuckit.  It’s a good fuckit.  I’m enjoying it.

and the candle smells amazing too :)


P.S.  Nobody should feel this good after chemo.  I almost feel guilty for feeling as well as I do.  A little tired, queasy from time […]

Day 39 – First round of chemo

By |December 19th, 2014|

Give me a moment to backtrack to yesterday.  A former client, now good friend drove me to the hospital for the procedure that put my chemo port in place.  It was so great to catch up because she’s really one of my absolute favorite people on this earth.  I’m glad to have had that […]

Day 37 – Cranial Prosthesis

By |December 18th, 2014|

I shit you not.  The prescription says “Cranial Prosthesis”

It’s day 37.  To say that I’m overwhelmed would be an understatement.  Until this past Monday I was going to try and delay chemo until after the holidays but on Monday I changed my mind.  I’m not sure the cause but, I suddenly got ok with […]

Day 24 – Fierce and Brave

By |December 4th, 2014|

Topsy turvy, upside down and sideways – this cancer thing is one twist and turn after another.  So far I think the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is the one with my mind.  Cancer is a game of hurry up and wait, come to terms with one thing then the next moment it […]

Day 19 – Cherishing the mundane and normal day

By |November 30th, 2014|

((I got my day count jacked up.  Now it’s correct))

Today was a blissfully normal day full of normal and mundane things.  I had a fabulous session with a really funny, gorgeous client who brought in a wardrobe that caused me to do a little happy dance.  Then I entered receipts and did some mundane […]

Day 17 – So much to give thanks for

By |November 27th, 2014|

Yesterday was a roller coaster, one big giant mood swing after another.  I woke up filled with sadness, I went to bed filled with joy and hope.

I’m self-employed.  I’ve busted my ass to build up my business.  I’ve accepted that cancer will take my tits and treatment will take my hair – small prices to […]

Day 16 – Mommy, are you going to die?

By |November 26th, 2014|

I’ve not yet really allowed myself to feel fear or sadness until the past two days. This morning I seem to be making up for lost time.

Hiding in my bedroom, partially to get away from the noises that children make and also to allow myself to wallow in solitude. I really don’t want the kids […]